Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Felt Bird Hair Clip

Here's a new item that I made to sell this past Holiday season at Craftland in Providence,R.I.. I love hair clips and having bangs whenever I feel there in the way I put a plain brown hair clip in. Well I want hair clips that are just as cute and stylish like my daughters but that work for both kids and adults. I bought some hair clips, a colorful selection of felt, and seed beads. I used the clip to trace a pattern out so I can cover both sides of it. Then I drew a pattern of a bird and his wing. Young and old everyone loves birds. I sewed the bird onto the moss green felt added a beak, brown thread for some legs, and a blue eye. I then took some felt and just started cutting away to make what I think are flowers and added a yellow seed bead to those. I paired up a huge selection of colorful felt to make a variety of these little bird hair clips. They add a little bit of color and playfulness to anyone's hair and are for purchase on my Etsy site.

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milisa said...

these are adorable! and thanks for sharing your story-very inspiring!