Monday, January 21, 2008

My First Sewing Experience

My first sewing experience was for a friend having a baby shower and instead of buying from the registry at Babies R Us a creative light popped up in my head. I always hated the bags there but having children of my own you can never have enough of diaper bags. Though it was quite the first experience I made the bag and it came out great! She loved the bag and couldn't believe it was handmade. Now this was awhile ago way before Etsy and I decided to make another one and sell it on Ebay. Well it sold in a heart beat and I got PAID for something I love doing. From there it was word of mouth and that spread quickly along with me sewing as a full time business.

I have gone on to sewing a variety of items for my line but always find time designing and sewing stylish and functional bags.

Here are some old pictures of me and my best friend Lisa with my first line of bags.

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